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[14 Jun 2006|12:50pm]
i love my boyfriend

boy [11 Nov 2005|03:20pm]
i like a boy and he's hot.
i dont like that eddie crushed my heart. ew.
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woooo [12 Oct 2005|05:37pm]
sooo me and eddie aren't together.. that's kinda sad. i really liked him.
but oh well, i think we're better off as friends.

ok bye byes

woot [01 Sep 2005|01:49am]
[ mood | okay ]

this site is bullshit and boring.

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yo [27 Aug 2005|12:15pm]
right now i am freezing, and really bored. i miss updating on this site, i used to use it like i use myspace. oh well.

so yeah i got my sched and that's nice. hahahah.
i'm so bored. ok i neeed to go shower.

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niiiice [16 Aug 2005|05:57pm]

allrighty. [11 Aug 2005|02:04pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

alot has been happening. not really good, but oh well.
i fucking hate you, that's nice.
ok done.


hehe [06 Aug 2005|03:25pm]
[ mood | okay ]

aw, he's better than you.


penisss [20 Jul 2005|02:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ok so..

i've been haveing the most awesome summer ever. yay!

and last night was hot.

um yeah that's it.

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milk n' cookies [14 Jul 2005|02:11pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

so let me just update.. bc i do that after alot of pointless entries.

my life has been so much better since school ended. i got my first passing report card in 4 years. that's amazing. ♥ i passed all my regents and, that's nice.

i saw war of the worlds the other night with eddie. that's the first movie i've seen in awhile.
it was pretty good. ♥ ♥ ♥

i'm happy.

i really really miss my hb friends and i want to like live there over the summer. bc i miss them. it's been awhile since i've visited there anyways. i think i should stop by there soon. except there's some people i'd rather not run into. bc they waste time in my life. haha.

last night i got upset. and that wasn't nice. lol

this entry is kinda sucky but oh well.. tonight i have counceling at 7 then i'm sleeping over kim's bc i miss her and yeah. ok. right. no one's online.. and i'm listening to gwen stefani, and playing this addicting ridiculous game eddie sent me to play, but i keep losing and it's very frustrating. oh well.

i adopted a hedghog on myspace and i named him piere, bc piere is a hot name.

ok i think i'm done.

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wooo! [12 Jul 2005|03:08pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

sarah likes a boy.


"he just wanted me to suck on his walla" [07 Jul 2005|01:09am]
so tanisha is hot.. and yeah.

so my life has been really good :O) i'm finally happppppy. but it won't last. bc that's how it works. hahaha.

so i met a really nice/hot boy who makes me smile. and that's nice.

and i hate my job with a super amount of passion. i can't stand the librarians.
i am addicted to myspace. and yeah i really like that boy. oh man oh man.
i really like the song i am listening to and tanisha hates it. oh well she can suck on my walla.
hahaha. penis cock head.
i love clowns.
and penis.

It's not the way that i want it
It's just the way that i need it..
day after day.

OMG WHY IS HE SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????
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smiley face [30 Jun 2005|12:21am]
[ mood | shocked ]

hearts <33333333333333333333333333


[28 Jun 2005|11:48pm]
please come online.. thanks.

ehhh [24 Jun 2005|12:44am]
you took my breath away. :O)
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ahhhhhhh [19 Jun 2005|11:18pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

read my blog.. www.myspace.com/bamandjohnnyrock


Isn't it wonderful? So predictible? I told you so.. [15 Jun 2005|10:21pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

<3 <3 <3 <3

wow so he is so hot <33 and he has no idea that i have a crush on him. :O) i like it. sighh, now where is he?? because it'd be nice to see him.. oh man. i like haveing crushes. and i def. have a new crush every week, oh well. i'm pathetic.

sooooooo i had a fucking test today, i have four more.. and i allready had three, are they retarded?? i got a 74 on my global final. woo! i just need an 85 on the regents, and then i am gooood to go.

k i'm gonna go just wanted to update about life.

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smiley face with a big nose. [14 Jun 2005|01:05am]
[ mood | happy ]

aw, so i think i have a new crush.


Two roads...Split off from here [12 Jun 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | blah ]

Note to self:
I miss you terribly.
This is what...We call a tragedy.
Come back to me, Come back to me, To me.

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i like you. [10 Jun 2005|03:30pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


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